Unlink cloud managed databases from Qovery

It would be good to have a way to delete cloud managed databases from Qovery without actually deleting the underlying cloud resource behind it. This would enable migrating to managing those resources yourself.

Hi @prki ,

thanks for the feedback. I see your point but I don’t think we will implement this feature in a near future since it goes against what Qovery tries to achieve (manage the deployment of your infrastructure and applications).

Instead what we will provide is a way to manage yourself the full configuration of the managed database.

I get your point but this seems a little like vendor lock in by Qovery. I think next to destroy actions there should be an option to delete from Qovery UI while keeping the underlying resources untouched.

There’s no lock in. You can delete the Qovery config without deleting your cloud resources by deleting the cluster and selecting the option “Delete Qovery config” (it will delete everything on Qovery without touching your cloud configuration)

Well, yeah, but that’s the nuclear option that deletes everything from Qovery. It would be nice to have an option to unlink just databases, vpcs or clusters.

For the databases, we will implement soon something that might help: you will be able to deactivate the deployment of a service when the entire environment deployment is triggered.

It wasn’t planned for this use case but it will allow you to disable the deployment of the DB, keep the env variables to connect to it and modify whatever you want directly on the AWS console. Of course, you’ll need assistance if you plan to plug it again with Qovery (due to the drift)

Cool, sounds like this new feature will help for this use case a little.

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