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I lost aws credential due to some issues.
In this case, how can I delete services from qovery?

Thank you

Hello @jameschan0524

If it’s only related with your AWS credentials and your AWS account is still up, you can create a new API KEY and edit your credentials’ cluster:

Edit: Then after do not forget to redeploy your cluster

AWS account is closed, we moved all services to other AWS account,

Ok so I guess you want to get rid of the cluster as well ?

You can delete your cluster using the “Qovery config only” option, this will remove both the cluster & the environment associated but only on Qovery side, it doesn’t trigger any clean on AWS side (s3, LB, VPC, etc.):

Full documentation here: Clusters | Docs | Qovery

I want to keep some services because we have huge env.
I can not find how can I download env from qovery

Ok I understand better.

You can create a new empty environment and clone each service you want to keep into this new environment:

Thank you. however, if we keep all old services then it will charge the cost even though the service is not running? if no charge then we don’t need to delete the service.

We should charge only on services deployment time if I’m correct (not on a number of existing services).
I let @Morgan_Perry or @rophilogene confirm it

Hey James,

It depends of your plan (Free, Team or Enterprise), but basically you will have a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Our pricing model is based on:

  • number of users
  • number of managed clusters
  • deployment time

There are also some usage limits. For instance on our Team plan:

  • up to 50 environnements
  • Up to 5 projects
  • Up to 200 services

You can visit our pricing page, everything is transparent :slight_smile:

so we have unused 2 clusters that are not running any service. it will be charged to me?

You’ll be charged if your two clusters are deployed (even if they’re paused or stopped), because maintenance and upgrade operations are still operated.
To stop being charged, simply delete them.
Here is our documentation regarding clusters management: Clusters | Docs | Qovery

Thank you for your explanation. however, there is a way to delete individual services instead of deleting clusters?

Please have a look at this documentation to delete application and other services

I am getting error during delete individual service since I lost AWS account

Yes because the target clusters don’t exist anymore.

What you can do is:

  • create a new environment targeting your “production-gcp” cluster
  • clone the services you want to keep into this new environment

Once done, you can force delete your 2 AWS clusters using the Qovery config only option: this will remove the current environments you don’t want to keep (develop & production) + your clusters that don’t exist anymore as your AWS account has been deleted (there is no purpose on keeping them on Qovery side)

I see. thank you for your help

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