Cannot delete my environment and my cluster


I’m trying to delete my organization and my cluster (linked to AWS).
I understand that I need to delete my environment first.
In my environment, I have 2 Java services and 1 PostgreSQL database.

When trying to delete my environment, I get a successful “Your environment is being deleted” message and I see “Delete queues”. But after a few seconds I see “Delete error”.

Could you please help me?
Thank you.

Hi @Estelle_Giuly,

Before I can properly respond, did you delete manually your resources on AWS? Because your cluster seems to be in bad shape and you get an error message from Qovery on the NodeGroup.


Hi @rophilogene , thank you.

In AWS, I had deleted my clusters ( Aucun cluster Vous n’avez aucun cluster.) and my qovery user (Utilisateurs (0) Aucune ressource à afficher)


Ok, usually you don’t need to delete resources manually. Qovery takes care of cleaning up everything if you just delete the cluster from Qovery. But since now you deleted your resources manually, you will have to make sure you have deleted everything on AWS. You can follow this thread.

Once it’s done, we can proceed to cleaning up your Qovery account.

Note: we work on an improvement do to it on your own via the web console. Today it’s only do-able by our support team.

Hi @rophilogene I deleted my resources in AWS.
Can we make sure to cleanup and delete things in our Qovery account?
Thanks a lot!

Hello @Estelle_Giuly ,

I’m deleting your cluster & envs

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