How to clean up dangling resources on AWS

Hi there, just a quick post here to explain how to clean up dangling resources on AWS.

This unfortunately can occur when cloud providers’ APIs encounter issues or when a customer created resources on top of Qovery deployed resources (so it’s not possible to delete some until they’ve been flushed as well).

We’re going to prepare documentation for dangling resources. In the meantime, here is how you can find all of them. In the Qovery console, get your cluster-id by clicking on the cluster icon (it will be saved in your clipboard):

Note: if for some reasons, you don’t have the cluster anymore in the Qovery interface, don’t worry, AWS will propose it in the next section, step 4.

Then, go into the AWS console:

  1. Search the service called “Resource Groups & Tag Editor”
  2. Click on “Create Resource Group”
  3. In Tags, type: ClusterLongId
  4. In the value, paste the Cluster ID you’ve got in your clipboard (the one you got from the Qovery console)
  5. Click on Add
  6. You should see the filter with your cluster id
  7. Click on “Preview group resources”
  8. You’ll see all the dangling resources to delete

Sorry about this issue, it happens sometimes when the cloud providers encounter issues, we’re trying to find solutions to mitigate this as much as we can.


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