Remove ressources from AWS

Hello, we used qovery for a short time, years before. But we stopped using it and we asked that all resources be removed from our aws account, and we have been said it would be done.
But today we realized that the resources keep coming back in our aws, and we even deleted it ourselves but it’s still coming back to this day, and it costed us more than 3k € this year, even tho we stopped using it 3 years ago.

I tried to remove the resources using this doc : How to clean up dangling resources on AWS
I don’t have access to the cluster so I’m looking the second part. But in step 4 it is asked to paste the ClusterId, that I can find in the Qovery console. But I don’t have access to it, I’m blocked on a onboarding page.

Hello @emp,

Can you share which resources are still coming back ?
The cluster managed by Qovery is still there ? It should be named qovery-zxxxxxxxx


It’s this one:

Ok, it’s a very old cluster (I see 1.21 version, we are currently at 1.28 on our managed clusters).

I can see that your organization no longer exists on our side, that’s why you are redirected to the onboarding page.

Can you share your cluster tags ? Click on your cluster on aws console and go to Tags tab.

Can you share also your aws access key used on Qovery so I can check if we still have it on our side ?

When you deleted your cluster aws side, did you follow this procedure ? Deleting an Amazon EKS cluster - Amazon EKS
On our side, no deployments should be triggered as the organization and the cluster have been deleted

Ok so here are the tags:
ClusterName: qovery-ro9r57g342pg7uor
Region: eu-west-3
creationDate: 2021-06-29T15:56:40Z
ClusterId: ro9r57g342pg7uor

For the access key, I’m not sure where to find it, and I’m afraid I will make a mistake and share sensible data.

I tried to follow the steps on the doc, but it didn’t seam to work using the cloud shell on aws

I tried to do the other method with this doc: How to clean up dangling resources on AWS using the ClusterId from the tags, but it didn’t find it in step 7.

Discovering recurring AWS resources from Qovery despite previous removal requests has been costly and frustrating. Without access to the Qovery console for necessary cleanup steps, I recommend contacting Qovery support immediately and reaching out to AWS support as well.

Hello @emp,

What issue exactly did you face when following the AWS docs ? The aws cli should work, you need to specify your aws credentials (do an export of AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY & AWS_DEFAULT_REGION`).

You can send me a private message to share your aws credentials.


When following the docs i got this error on the first command:

AS for what i think are the acces keys i will send it to you in private message


Any updates on this ?