Can't delete environment

I deleted services but now can’t delete the environment… it seems to try and delete some jobs even though they don’t exist anymore…

Link to my environment that needs to be deleteD:

Hello @kincorvia, I’m taking a look

I’ve deleted manually your environment, both on qovery and on your cluster side (only the namespace was remaining on your cluster)
We have indeed an issue on environment delete linked to the single jobs deletion. I’ve added this bug on our side that we will take care asap.
Sorry for the inconvenient

We’re having a similar. We cannot delete an environment. When delete an environment it always results to “Deployment Error”

Here are the two environments we’re trying to delete:

  1. Sandbox
  2. Management

For Sandbox, we did not do anything on the AWS side. For the Management environment, I tried to delete all the related resource in kubernetes but the services there remained. Is there any AWS resource we need to remove to force the removal of an Environment and/or Service?


I am taking a look at it.

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Kindly exclude the Sandbox environment. I fixed the deployment errors in the individual services inside the Sandbox environment. I was able to delete the environment afterwards. The current Sandbox environment is a new one.

But still, I think there’s a problem with the environment deletion feature

Hello no worries,

For the Management environment, the issue is that you have jobs that run on deletion that fails. This block the deletion of the environment, as we can’t it is considered as a failure. So you need to fix the job first.

For sandbox, indeed, there was an issue on our side. I am working on a fix that should be released soon.

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