Cannot delete service while statis us QUEUED

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I want to delete an environment, however, I cannot because of a deployment that is in state queued since yesterday. Also I cannot delete any service within the environment, but, I am able to create a new environment and deploy there. Is there any way to un-congest the deployments? Or maybe delete the environment another way?


Hello, thanks for the report - it’s an issue on our side. Your environment should be unlocked now. Could you take a look? We opened a ticket on our side to prevent the issue in the future.

Hi! Thank you for having a look into this :pray:

I saw something change and I think I would have been able to delete apps. But I got greedy and instead tried to remove the whole environment which seems to have unfortunately put all apps back into queued state. Might I ask you to have another look for me? Thanks!!

The final solution to the issue with queued state / not being able to delete services while queued will be addressed in next weeks. Thanks for reporting the issue, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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