Cloud managed DB resource configuration broken?


Qovery says to use its UI to manage cloud managed DB resources:

Use exclusively the Qovery console to update the resources managed by Qovery on your cloud account.
Do not manually update or upgrade them on the cloud provider console, otherwise you will risk a drift in the configuration.

However, we upgraded storage setting and the change was not reflected on the cloud provider.

Hello @prki,

Changes are done immediately on Qovery’s side if you redeploy your managed DB.
BUT if change is sensitive one, AWS will apply it during maintenance window of your DB.

You can check pending changes to be applied via AWS console and force apply it if you want, it won’t create drift.
This is something documented in our doc here.

If you don’t see any pending changes, do you mind giving me your Qovery DB console URL so I can have a look?


Hi @bchastanier, no, the change did not make it into “pending maintenance” operations queue. Here’s the link to the DB in question:

Actually I do see the change, you can check using AWS CLI directly:

$ aws rds describe-db-instances --db-instance-identifier z694d664f-postgresql | jq '.DBInstances[0].PendingModifiedValues'

  "AllocatedStorage": 128

Indeed, you are correct, I was looking in the wrong place. Thanks, for looking into it. I would suggest to make this more clear in Qovery UI.

That’s weird, because when changing DB storage size, you have a block appearing describing exactly that.
Maybe you’ve missed it.

That’s exactly what I was hoping for. I must have developed a warning box blindness :sweat_smile:

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