[RELEASED - Upcoming Feature] instance type selection and version upgrade for managed DB


We are delivering two major improvements on the Managed Database feature that should unlock a few problematic situations our users have faced in the past.

You will be soon capable of:

  • select the instance type to be used to run your database → this has been released, have a look at this :point_right: [RELEASED] Managed database instance type change support - #3
  • upgrade the version of your database (IMPORTANT: upgrading the database version is a touchy operation which causes downtime of the database, have a look at the cloud provider documentation to understand better when and how to run this upgrade)

All these features will be available directly on the Qovery Console / API / Terraform provider.

:warning: Reminder Do not update the configuration of your managed database directly on the cloud provider console. Any drift in the configuration will cause a failure in the deployment of the managed database. Be sure to manage your database configuration only via Qovery

Roadmap items:

Feel free to comment below if you have questions


Sweet! Thanks a lot! :pray:


FYI, you can now select your instance type directly from the qovery console.

Have a look at this :point_right: [RELEASED] Managed database instance type change support - #3


You can now upgrade the version of your database directly from the Qovery console.

Important information on the upgrade of managed databases (RDS on AWS)

Once the upgrade is requested, the cloud provider applies the update based on its own internal rules which might cause a downtime of your database.

For example, by default AWS applies major updates on the database during the maintenance window, the instance might be rebooted during this window. This also means that your upgrade request will not be applied immediately but you can force the switch directly from your AWS console AFTER having launched the upgrade on Qovery.

Have a look at your cloud provider documentation to know more about how version upgrades are managed:

documentation is here Databases | Docs | Qovery

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