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I didn’t find how to customise the instance type for a database. I created one but it’s always db.t3.micro. Do I have to change that after creation on my AWS account ?

I didn’t find how to use aurora on AWS cloud provider ?

Thanks for advices

Hello @Orkin ,
we’re actually working on a feature to allow much more instances types regarding all instances (computes, databases…).

At the moment you can only use what is display on UI but we’ll keep you in touch as soon as it’s live.

If, anyway, you want to use aurora with a specific instance you can create it on your own on your AWS account and set VPC peering.

Any news in this feature ?

can we update on rds interface the instance ?

Hi @Nicolas_Hernandez , let me loop in with the team. Thanks for your patience.

Hey @Nicolas_Hernandez,

It’s still in our backlog and we will try to prio it ASAP.
In the meantime, you shouldn’t change instance type on your side via AWS otherwise, you won’t be able to deploy your DB via Qovery then.

We will keep you posted here once it will be in the sprint.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

Hey @bchastanier ,

Since the feature is not available yet, how could we update our production database to be a db.t3.small instead of a db.t3.micro?

Hey @jmeiss,

Feature will land very shortly, targeting this week (at list to be able to do it via API). You can either wait for it to be available and supported by Qovery or you can do it manually on AWS console side, it will create a database configuration drift (and prevent your DB from being deployable via Qovery) and we will be able to re-sync it once feature lands.


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Awesome! I can wait, then.
Thanks a lot :pray:

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