Public rds accessibility

Hello guys,

I do encounter this issue after redeploying my RDS app. I switched the app accessibility to public.

The read replica is up-to-date as the Primary instance

What did I miss?

Hello @james075,

Do you mind giving me the Qovery console link for the env / DB you are trying to deploy?


Sure :slight_smile:

Hey @james075

Seems your DB has a read replica. Can you confirm you set it manually via your AWS console?
I am not sure it’s a use case we support as of today out of the box using managed DBs.

It seems this is a known issue (CF No longer able to do minor version upgrades on aws_db_instance with read replicas · Issue #24887 · hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws · GitHub) which seems to have been fixed in a recent AWS Terraform provider version (May 2023) but we are still behind for the time being.

Testing your configuration, it seems 3 params needs to be changed (engine_version, instance type and accessibility) →
Screenshot 2023-07-07 at 23.43.36

When I apply changes without changing engine version, the change is applied properly.
Your database should be publicly accessible no.

Issue now is that you won’t be able to deploy it via Qovery for the time being because it will try to change engine version from 13.7 to 13.11.

Hopefully, we are very very close to ship our managed DB version upgrade feature.

This feature should allow to smooth DB version upgrade managed via Terraform and there is a good chance it will solve the issue you are facing.

I haven’t found any AWS documentation explaining this issue :confused:


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