[Upcoming Feature] instance type selection and version upgrade for managed DB


We are delivering two major improvements on the Managed Database feature that should unlock a few problematic situations our users have faced in the past.

You will be soon capable of:

  • select the instance type to be used to run your database (AWS and Scaleway)
  • upgrade the version of your database (IMPORTANT: upgrading the database version is a touchy operation which causes downtime of the database, have a look at the cloud provider documentation to understand better when and how to run this upgrade)

All these features will be available directly on the Qovery Console / API / Terraform provider.

:warning: Reminder Do not update the configuration of your managed database directly on the cloud provider console. Any drift in the configuration will cause a failure in the deployment of the managed database. Be sure to manage your database configuration only via Qovery

Roadmap items:

Feel free to comment below if you have questions


Sweet! Thanks a lot! :pray: