Cannot deploy (issue with a buildpack?)

Hi team!

There seems to be a problem in the deployement process, I am getting errors that seems to be out of my control:

Status: Downloaded newer image for heroku/buildpacks:20

ERROR: failed to build: validating stack mixins: buildpack 'heroku/procfile@2.0.0' does not support stack 'heroku-20'

Anything I should do? sorry if it is already flagged

We have encountered the same issue and cannot deploy our application now.

Same here. We are having the same issues. :eyes: Any resolution for this?

Hi, we’re digging into the issue. Thanks for reporting

Could you please give more info and ways to reproduce please? I’m guessing it’s an Heroku side issue and recent change as I can’t reproduce on my side. Thanks

Just reploying my application triggers the error very quickly

Our whole system is down. The only way to reproduce is to redeploy. Please check our account SureIn GmbH.

@David your issue is completely different. If you take a look at the deployments logs, you’ll find this issue:

Invalid container registry information

Meaning your AWS credentials are not valid anymore.

If you changed them recently, you also have to update them in the cluster settings. Because here, I confirm we can’t connect anymore to your account.

@CBaptiste Did you recently change something in your profile?

I think it’s related to their recent change, removing compatibility with 20 builder version: Releases · heroku/procfile-cnb · GitHub

If you have ways to stick to procfile plugin version v1.0.2 it would temporarily fix the issue.

In the meantime, we’re looking to upgrade to builder 22 (the last version).

@Pierre_Mavro, you are right. It was related to AWS credentials. We resolved it and now facing the same “heroku” issue again.

We are not using procfile plugin.

Anything else we can do?

Unfortunately, our server is down due to the AWS credential issue and now we can not redeploy.

@David , we’re currently making tests with the last builder version, but can’t update it without tests to avoid breaking change for other customers.

Do you allow me to perform build tests on your account and try to make your app up again?

@Pierre_Mavro sure, you can test it on prod environment (not in live).

@Pierre_Mavro , any updates? :confused:

Hi @David , unfortunately, Buildpacks is a black box and when something is updated it can negatively impact all applications using it.

Pierre and the team is working on it to remediate this issue as fast as possible. However, I highly encourage you using Docker with a proper Dockerfile if possible. It’s the recommended way to deploy production applications with Qovery.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Hi @rophilogene . What do you mean with “However, I highly encourage you using Docker with a proper Dockerfile if possible.” We are using docker and dockerfile

@rophilogene How long can it take to fix the issue? Because for us is not only the problem that we can not deploy new developments, but our server is totally down

We do not depend on the procfile plugin but we are still affected by the issue. Is it possible the buildpack itself pulls it in?

Hello @Anxhina ,

Can you give us the link of your environment ?
Because the buildpack issue is not taking down any applications/environment.

The buildpack fix has just been released. Can you please test @CBaptiste , @prki , @David . Thanks