Application cannot be build due to buildpack timeout

During the deployment, my application failed to build with buildpack. It seems like the process timeout.

Container image failed to be build: Cannot build Application z0a1cff26 due to an error with buildpack: Command killed due to timeout: Killing process "pack" "build" "--publish" "" "-t" "" "--path" "/home/qovery/.qovery-workspace/b96fe06d-27dd-490a-a82e-da65ae37fcef-298-1653317714/build/z0a1cff26/" XXX "-B" "heroku/buildpacks:20" due to timeout 1800s reached

Hi @auree , it is probably a temporary timeout - can you retry?

Buildpacks is an external dependency to Qovery and needs to be downloaded from an external repository.