Buildpacks error while trying to deploy my app


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Hello community ! For no reasons since today i have issue running an auto-deploy after pushing code on my github repository.

Here is the logs error from the deployment log (build failed) :slight_smile:

22: Pulling from heroku/builder-classic

Digest: sha256:58aeee6b45bad5506d3f73e470ef4877e25584df44ed0f8c591b50c03093849a

Status: Image is up to date for heroku/builder-classic:22

0.17.2: Pulling from buildpacksio/lifecycle

Digest: sha256:3973d2f80d1d63db99bd9c7f8618f4d673527818ce798710a95d7bd2c74f47e8

Status: Image is up to date for buildpacksio/lifecycle:0.17.2


[analyzer] ERROR: failed to initialize analyzer: validating registry read access: ensure registry read access to

ERROR: failed to build: executing lifecycle. This may be the result of using an untrusted builder: failed with status code: 1

❌ Container image failed to be build: Cannot build Application "z4831a818" due to an error with buildpack: ExitStatusError(ExitStatus(unix_wait_status(256)))

💣 Deployment aborted following a failure to deploy a service. This is a general/global message. Look at your services deployment status to know which one made the deployment fail

Thank for your help . i’m stuck i cannot deploy anymore

Hi @Mickael_TORDJMAN , someone from our engineering team will take a look but I highly recommend using a Dockerfile and not Buildpacks. The error seems related to Buildpacks (maybe a Buildpacks registry issue - it happens). I’d highly recommend using a Dockerfile. You will save time and avoid this kind of issue.

Hi @rophilogene . The purposes of my usage of Qovery is to not handle the devops layer and use buildpacks for build/deploy automation. I don’t know how i can use dockerfile to resolve this issue.

Hi @Mickael_TORDJMAN ,

I’d recommend looking at this article explaining how to create a Dockerfile easily with the docker init command.

Hey @Mickael_TORDJMAN !

As @rophilogene said, you should definitively use a Dockerfile, there are only benefits (CF

Anyways, we applied a patch for Buildpacks, you should be able to deploy your app now, let us know.


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