Moving from Procfile to Dockerfile makes deployment fail

Originally, we were using a Procfile but encountered the same issue as described in this forum post: Failed to launch: determine start command: when there is no default process a command is required - #5 by bchastanier

We switched to using a Dockerfile instead. But we are now facing new issues with the deployment on Qovery.

When testing the Dockerfile locally (with docker build and docker run), everything works as expected. However, when deploying on Qovery, the pods keep failing and the deployment fails. The error message says “look at the report above to understand why”, but I cannot find any information that can help me.

Could you tell me what’s the issue / How can I find the error ?
Thank you

Hello !

Yes sure, can you please give me your app console URL?


Here it is Qovery

If my understanding is correct, your app is ready to be ran with Docker. But looking at your app settings, it’s still configured to use Buildpacks, is it normal?

I would expect something like (to be adapted to where your Dockerfile is):

Here’s the link

Thanks for you answer !
I changed the build mode and retried but I have another error now, and still no clear error message

Hey !

You should be able to see the error from your application logs (as the issue is happening once your app is trying to start).
On your app logs, you can filter per pod (as new version and old version will live together during the deployment) selecting the one failing (the new one) so you won’t get flooded :slight_smile:

Let me know if it helps.


All good ! thanks for your help

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