Access Issue: Unable to View Organization Applications with 'Cannot have access to organization' Error

Hello, my organization uses Qovery. Recently, my senior granted me access to Qovery. However, when I sign in with GitHub and go to the dashboard, I am unable to see the applications of my organization. A toast message with the error ‘Cannot access the organization’ is displayed. I have also confirmed with my senior whether he has granted me access or not. I have attached a screenshot below to illustrate the issue I am facing.

Hello @Rishikesh_Yadav,
Did you accept the invitation by clicking on the link provided in the email ?
I still see a pending invitation for your user in this organization, accepting the invitation should resolve your issue

I didn’t received any email regarding that. My senior told me that i have given you a access after that i straight way go to the qovery website and created my account using github.

Ok, we seem to have an issue there.
In the meantime, you can ask your administrator to give you the link of the invitation so you can be added on the organization on our side: