I have a problem to deploy my application

because when he wants to import from Github Apps / Project, he writes that he has no access

What you wanna say???

when it tries to import from Github it shows no access

Check qovery access Authorization from the github settings, if the access is not granted , then grant acces to qovery and if you are importing it from github organization then grant qovery access to the organization from github settings

@Rafci - can you try to disable all your browser extensions? Can you show your browser console as well? Thank you

how do i do it with github access?

First try clearing the browser cache, and if it doesn’t work then go to github then github settings and then Authorization settings or applications settings

ok, I entered github Authorization settings and I don’t know any further?

Clear your browser cache first, and then try if it still cant access the repo, then you can check the github settings/ applications and then search for qovery there

I cleared my browser cache
now when he tries to do it, he gets this message Cannot access the account of the provided git account: https://github.com/Rafci/rafciobotmusicc.git cannot get last commit id for branch.

Did you choose the correct branch during setup?

Is this repo public or private?

And who is this “he” you are talking about?

private repo
and sent the screen

What’s the branch you’re maintaining all the code and updating it from? That branch names seems wrong if it’s your main. Can you show me a screenshot of your branches?

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As @Aggis15 said, I suspect that your branch name botmusic does not exist. Can you check?

this is how i have to do and check

You need to go to your GitHub repo and see which branches you have. Send me a screenshot and I can help you further.

@Rafci you dont have any branch with botmusic name, your github repo only have one branch and thats main.

so change botmusic ----> main

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