Organization github repos the same in git permissions?

Following the docs here: Organization | Docs | Qovery


  1. Auth’d with Github and granted qovery access to a single repo in my org’s github
  2. Confirm the Qovery Github App is installed and has access to that repo
  3. However, I don’t see the repo at all listed in “Repositories,” even with Github connected.

I’ve tried refreshes. Is there any additional step here? Or are organization GH repos treated differently than individual user repos?


Hi @chrisbolman,

we have found that you have been able to access the repo “thomas-incense/qovery” when creating an application.
so few questions here:

  • was this the repo you were trying to access?
  • if it wasn’t this one, was it on the same organization?

FYI, there’s some information in the documentation that is missing and that I will add immediately:

One Qovery Organization can be linked via the Qovery GitHub app only to one Github organization. (you can’t grant access to repos in GitHub orga A and repos in GitHub orga B)