Can't use GitHub organisation repository

When creating an application I cannot use a repository from my organisation on GitHub, even though I granted access to that organisation when authenticating to Qovery with GitHub.

When I use I can only see my personal repositories in the “Select a repo” select box.

When I use the CLI I get this:

❯ qovery git enable
Could not enable Qovery for organisation/repo

where organisation/repo is the organisation and repo I’m trying to use.

Hi @thoradam, welcome to the Qovery community. Does your problem is that you don’t see your Github repository in the list? Or you find it but when you deploy it - it does not work?


i think he can’t find the his organisation’s repos in the list, but he can choose any personal repo

Thanks Kartik for clarifying this point :slight_smile: So I guess it’s related to a bug that we have - In fact the repository is probably listed but prefixed by his name instead of the organization name. @thoradam can you confirm?

well that may be the case, but it might be that github organization repos are not accessible in the list, lets say He has a team project in his Github organization and he can’t find that repo in qovery cli.

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Hey, the repository I’m looking for is not listed under my personal account in the list.