Can't use GitHub organisation repository

When creating an application I cannot use a repository from my organisation on GitHub, even though I granted access to that organisation when authenticating to Qovery with GitHub.

When I use I can only see my personal repositories in the “Select a repo” select box.

When I use the CLI I get this:

❯ qovery git enable
Could not enable Qovery for organisation/repo

where organisation/repo is the organisation and repo I’m trying to use.

Hi @thoradam, welcome to the Qovery community. Does your problem is that you don’t see your Github repository in the list? Or you find it but when you deploy it - it does not work?


i think he can’t find the his organisation’s repos in the list, but he can choose any personal repo

Thanks Kartik for clarifying this point :slight_smile: So I guess it’s related to a bug that we have - In fact the repository is probably listed but prefixed by his name instead of the organization name. @thoradam can you confirm?

well that may be the case, but it might be that github organization repos are not accessible in the list, lets say He has a team project in his Github organization and he can’t find that repo in qovery cli.

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Hey, the repository I’m looking for is not listed under my personal account in the list.

@Erebe Do we have a bug on listing GitHub organization repositories?

This issue was permission related. As you need to enable permissions in Github account setting to give Qovery access to the Organisations the user is a member of.

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As @KartikBazzad says - make sure Qovery can access your organization - you should see it in the list here Sign in to GitHub · GitHub