Cant login in qovery using github

I am unable to login into qovery using my github account. When i enter my github details, it loads and says Login Required. I tried loggin in from chrome nd edge browser but didnt work.
Any suggestions>

When did you create your Github account…
Qovery uses a security system that requires your account to be atleast 30days old. if this is not the case contact the Qovery team via Email or web intercom

My github account is atleast 1 year old

@pjeziorowski can you take a look here??

Its atleast 1 year old. Could you send their qovery contact details?

Its the little blue icon that appears in the bottom right when you open Qovery homepage

Can you share your acc ?


Blocked for torrent activity

what torrent activity? I have hosted ultroid user bot there. nothing else.

@Enzo could give the details probably

Is my account blocked? or what?
if its block, how do i unblock it?


We received an abuse email from DigitalOcean because of Torrent traffic. We noticed you were the origin of this traffic, it’s not allowed, so we deleted your applications and blocked your account.