Stop Error with no logs, safe to remove application?

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  • Programming language and version: python3 using docker

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I want to stop running my application and also stop using AWS. Upon clicking stop in the web console, the application shows STOP_ERROR status, and still seems to be running. How do I terminate the project and stop using AWS? Is it safe to remove the application?

Also trying to stop the cluster, but am getting Update error when trying to stop it and this error when trying to remove the cluster:

Http failure response for 403 OK

Hi @Klein_Moretti ,

Did you remove the AWS credentials that you created for Qovery? If it is the case, then Qovery can no longer manage your applications and infrastructure and that’s probably why you ends up into a STOP ERROR message.


  1. Connect again your AWS account to Qovery (you can create a new access key and secret if needed)
  2. Update your cluster
  3. Delete your application / environment and project via the Qovery web console
  4. Then you can delete your cluster via the web console.

Thank you for your insights! I rashly closed my AWS account before terminating instances and updating the cluster on qovery’s side. I opened a support case to reopen my AWS account. My plans for terminating are then:

  1. stop application from qovery web console
  2. remove application from qovery web console
  3. delete cluster from qovery web console
  4. terminate instances from AWS account interface

Let me know if my plans for termination are out of order.

Point 4 is not necessary since Qovery will clean up everything that has been created on your account.

For point 1, I’ve recovered my account and the access key still seems to be in effect

However I’m getting an Update Error when trying to update the cluster

Should I just create a new access key and change the settings of the cluster?

Ok I’ve created a new access key and removed the application successfully (according to the web console). However, still getting an error when trying to remove the cluster:

Http failure response for 403 OK

The cause behind the error in removing the cluster was that I only removed the application, but still had the environment that linked to the cluster. After removing the environment, I was able to remove the cluster. Could the error message be improved please? Something like “Cannot remove cluster while […] references it; use a different cluster or remove […] before removing this cluster”?

We are working on Qovery V3 that we plan to soft launch this month. This version will bring much more information on what’s going on behind the scene.