[RELEASED - Upcoming Feature] Access logs from past deployments


As you might know, today Qovery let you access only the logs from the latest deployment execution. This means that if you trigger two separate deployments on your environment for service A and then for service B, you will be able to access the deployment logs only for service B (because they have been deployed in two distinct deployment executions).

We are currently working on letting you access the deployment logs for the deployment execution that happened in the past. We can’t provide you with the full history but you will be able to access the logs of the latest 20 deployments.

You will be able to access the past deployment logs in two ways:

  • From the log interface: you will have the possibility to switch between the deployment executions and thus display the deployment logs of a past deployment. Figma here:

  • From the Deployment tab of your environment or service by selecting a past deployment execution:

The feature is already available via the API but we will soon deliver the feature on the UI.

Frill idea: https://roadmap.qovery.com/roadmap/show-logs-from-past-deployments

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you will be able to access the logs of the latest 20 deployments.

Is this 20 per service or 20 overall?

Much awaited feature. Thanks for shipping. Can’t wait to try it from the UI.

For now, it’s 20 overall (i.e. by environment) so, as you can imagine, you might still miss the deployment logs for a service if it was deployed a long time ago. We will update it in the future and keep at least the latest deployment log for each service.

To add more context and info:

A “deployment” is always linked to an environment. Even when triggering the deployment of a single service, you are triggering the deployment on the environment but it has an impact only on the selected service.

A deployment contains the following information:

  • an execution id
  • a deployment action (deploy, stop, delete etc…)
  • a list of services impacted by the deployment action
  • a deployment log

So if you trigger the deployment of Service A and then the deployment of Service B, they will be completely different deployments, with different execution id and deployment logs.