CLI Service deploy previous version

I am currently trying to find a way to leverage the Qovery CLI to deploy previous versions of an environment.

When I look at the UI, it seems I can’t deploy a previous version of the entire environment, I have to go service by service, is this correct? I do not see anywhere in the CLI docs on how to do this through the CLI, is the only way to roll back to a previous version of an environment by doing it through the Qovery UI?

Thank you for the help and clarity.

Hi @jmilam-bluesky , you’re right; something is missing right now. I put in cc @a_carrano and @Julien_Dan (Product Managers).

We can provide a working solution from the CLI to revert back to the last state of the environment. But it would be great to have this from the web console as well :slight_smile: