Rollback option?

Is there any equivalent to Heroku’s “rollback” (Releases and Rollbacks | Heroku) command for deployments on Qovery? We deployed a new version, and for some reason, the Django migration file isn’t running correctly, we have a schema (table) inconsistency in our database, and we’d like to roll back to the previous deployed version. Is this possible? thanks

Are you looking for this?

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Hi @rophilogene, thanks for the reply. That’s fairly close, so yes.

With what you’re showing we can re-deploy from a specific git commit.

The type of rollback offered by Heroku and some other platforms allows you to auto-redeploy a previous “version”, build, or container. It’s a little bit faster since we don’t have to search through commits, but functionally what you shared accomplishes the same thing (once the right commit is identified).

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It’s also possible with Qovery if you deploy an app from a container rather than from git. You can take a look at this doc :point_down:

Note: when deploying an app via git, Qovery builds the image and cache it for some time. So it can be re-used on a rollback.