Latest version of Qovery CLI returns error on "database deploy"

Using CLI version: 0.94.4

qovery database deploy \
    --organization *** \
    --project *** \
    --environment *** \
    --databases *** \

returns Error: no value given for required property service_deployment_status

qovery database deploy --help does not specify such a property, can you have a look into this please?

Hello @FlorianSuchan
I’m investigating the issue and I will let you know once it is fix.

Thanks @Pierre_Gerbelot let me know if you need anything, I’m here :wave:

I don’t manage to reproduce locally, can you give me the URL of your database, so I can take a look at it @FlorianSuchan ?

@Erebe it’s actually every database that runs in a container, this one for example.

Are you sure you upgraded to latest? After upgrading to latest CLI version I was also able to reproduce locally.

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How can we change curl -s | bash to go back to stable 0.93.8?

You can’t with the shebang install, you need to manually install the binary.

but I found out the issue. I am going to release a fix asap

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It should be fixed by release v0.94.7 of the cli (the latest).

Let me know if it is not the case

@Erebe can confirm :+1: Thanks for the quick fix!

For the future, would be nice if we were able to lock Qovery CLI at a specific version and only upgrade when we want to do so. Whole CI came to a halt today…

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We could provide a way to select a specific version within the curl install command of the CLI. FYI all the Qovery CLI releases are available here - so it should not be complex to provide this.

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