Qovery simply returns DEPLOYMENT_ERROR with no further info. (MongoDB app)

Issues information

  • OS: MacOS
  • databases: MongoDB
  • Programming language and version: NodeJS, 16
  • Link to your project on Github/Gitlab: GitHub - T-O-R-U-S/slinky

Your issue

No matter what I try, I always end up with DEPLOYMENT_ERROR on Qovery (V2). It works completely fine on my local machine, but just fails to deploy on Qovery.

I have set the PASS environment variable for the database password on Qovery, and I am completely incapable of debugging because logs won’t show up at all. All I know is that it isn’t working.

Dockerfile content

FROM node:latest

WORKDIR /server


COPY package*.json .

RUN npm install

COPY * .

COPY ./public /server/public

CMD ["node", "--experimental-json-modules", "index.mjs"]

Have you checked the deployment logs? In Environment → Show Logs (not the same as Application → Show Logs).