Deployment error - no logs

Hi, I’m getting “DEPLOYMENT_ERROR” on the Node.js server I just tried to deploy, but when I click “SHOW LOGS” it doesn’t show anything.

could you please use the template for the thread. At the moment I don’t have any info about anything.

OS: MacOS Big Sur
Databases: None
Programming language and version: Node.js
Link to your project on Github/Gitlab: Private repo

I’m not sure this would help.

I still don’t have the qovery url of your project :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It starts with

it seems your app failed to build. Does it work locally ?

Hi Enzo,
Yes, it works great after I run yarn build and yarn start. Supposed to get an output saying the server’s running at port 6000.

You use port 9000 in Qovery interface.

I tried 6000 now and it still fails. Either way that wouldn’t be the problem. It’s failing to build, not connect.

Yarn build and yarn start are usually not related. “Yarn build” create JS files, “yarn start” executes a development server.

If you wanna know it it works you should do “yarn build” then “node /path_of_builded_project/index.js”

Sorry if I was unclear, that’s exactly what I did. I’m saying it’s probably not a port issue.

Written in the logs:

	[Error: Build failed because two different lockfiles were detected: package-lock.json and yarn.lock]

Great. Where did you find those logs?

Hi Enzo. I removed the package-lock.json file. It’s still not working unfortunately.

Have you checked deployment logs? In your Environment → Show Logs button.

This is what I’m getting:

Execution ID: 09141e5a-e634-4688-b785-293547c9e195-4-1628275451

    * Execution ID: 09141e5a-e634-4688-b785-293547c9e195-4-1628275451
    * Scope: Build platform 'beta-build' with id 'ze9e19029'
    * Rollback message: 


    ✉️ Error message: Qovery can't build your container image beta-build (ze9e19029) with one of the following builders: heroku/buildpacks:20. Please do provide a valid Dockerfile to build your application or contact the support.
    💬 Need help: Look at the hint message first. If you need more assistance, you can reach the support team on Discord ( or on the Qovery console ( with the integrated chat.
    ℹ️ Hint: None builders supports Your application can't be built without providing a Dockerfile

:information_source: Hint: None builders supports Your application can’t be built without providing a Dockerfile

OK, it means you need to Dockerize your app (write a Dockerfile). The automatic application builder wasn’t able to build the app unluckily. We are currently improving the builder, so there’s a chance in the next days/weeks this issue will be solved and Dockerizing the app won’t be necessary anymore.