Really strange error also every deployment takes up to 45 minutes

Issues information

  • OS:
    Windows 10

  • databases:

  • Programming language and version:
    NodeJS 12

  • Link to your project on Github/Gitlab:
    Sorry It’s private but here is the summarized code:

const Body_Parser = require("body-parser")
const Simplest_DB = require("simplest.db")
const CryptoJS = require("crypto-js")
const D_Forest = require("d-forest")
const Express = require("express")
const Fs = require("fs")

const Port = 3000
const Web = Express()

const Database = new Simplest_DB({
    path: "./database.json"


Web.use("", function(req, res){

Web.listen(Port, ()=>{
    console.log(`Server is running in port ${Port}`)

Your issue
Here are the errors that comes out everytime my deployment is finished, also every deploy It takes up to 45 minutes for some reason, which gives me a lot of patient.

deployment error application zd92ed216 : error => EngineError { cause: User("Your application has failed to start. Ensure you can run it without issues with qovery runand check its logs from the web interface or the CLI withqovery log. This issue often occurs due to ports misconfiguration. Make sure you exposed the correct port (using EXPOSE statement in Dockerfile or via Qovery configuration)."), scope: Application("zd92ed216", "zd92ed216"), execution_id: "0818475b-1e98-4af2-a6de-332923410b39-23-1633763104", message: Some("Application zd92ed216 (zd92ed216) has failed to start ⤬") }


Unable to retrieve logs for pod: app=app-zd92ed216
Condition not met to start the container: Ready -> ContainersNotReady: containers with unready status: [app-zd92ed216]
Condition not met to start the container: ContainersReady -> ContainersNotReady: containers with unready status: [app-zd92ed216]
2021-10-09T07:19:46Z Warning Failed: Failed to pull image "": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon: Get unauthorized: authentication required
2021-10-09T07:19:46Z Warning Failed: Error: ErrImagePull
2021-10-09T07:19:59Z Warning Failed: Error: ImagePullBackOff

Dockerfile content (if any)

specify here your dockerfile content

FROM node:12

RUN mkdir -p /usr/src/app

WORKDIR /usr/src/app

COPY . .
RUN npm install

CMD ["node", "index.js"]

Deployments on the community can take a bit of time if everyone is trying to deploy at the same time, since resources are shared.

As for the error, 1) Can you run your app locally with Docker? Does it give you any errors there as well? 2) Have you specified your port in your application settings? Docker isn’t the only place you need to specify it.

I don’t think that they should deploy for 45 minutes. Even my projects don’t require that much time to get deployed.

Again, apps deployed on the community plan are deployed on shared resources. Sometimes they’re fast, sometimes they’re slow. The point of the Community plan is to host hobby apps, not entire infra projects. There are obviously limitations. You can always switch to a paid plan if you require faster deployment times.

The point of the Community plan is to host hobby apps, not entire infra projects.

Exactly. This is a really simple application. It should not take that much time to deploy even on shared resources. I think I have encountered an problem like this and the issue was an error in my Dockerfile. FYI it was a back-end Kotlin application.

It doesn’t matter as much, but good point. If your Dockerfile isn’t optimized and does a lot of useless operations, then it’s going to take longer.

Could you please push a new commit to your repository? It should be better now

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It’s still showing the same error, I also double checked my environment configurations such as port but It’s all fine. Also the deployment is faster now.

Unluckily we are having issues with cloud provider. Digial Ocean has some issues. We are waiting for their support to fix the issue with docker container registry.

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