[RELEASED - Upcoming Feature] Audit & events tracking on Qovery

We have started working on the specs for the event auditing system that we would offer you on our console V3.

What we want to achieve is simple: provide an access to a timeline of events that happened in your Qovery organization and finally answer the question “who did what and when”.

Part of the answer is available already in the Deployment History section but that’s not enough to have a complete view.

Few questions for you:

  • which information would you like to see within this audit timeline screen? would you like to have both the deployments AND the settings changes or you prefer to have them split into two different sections?
  • how would you like to analyze the data within it: you would like to filter the data? export it in a particular format? any particular use case we should cover?
  • What would be the ideal data retention? We can’t store those events forever and we would like to know if you have any constraints on your side.

feel free to comment below :point_down:

thanks for your help!

Some ideas at the top of my head:

By type e.g deployments, clusters, variables
By date range e.g today, custom from-to
By user?

Export to CSV would be great, based on the filter.

Data retention I’d say probably 30 days would be enough or maybe 60 days.

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Sounds like a big corp feature. Not a priority for us. :slight_smile:

So we have been finally able to move forward with this topic!

The idea is to provide a complete timeline of anything that happened in your organization, including setting updates and deployments. You can find a Figma example below:

As you can see, any change will be tracked together with the user or API token that did the change and the “tool” used (Qovery Terraform provider, Qovery Console, Git push on the repo etc…)

Note: in this first iteration, if an update is sent on a resource we will not provide you directly the “delta” but instead you will find the entire status of the resource after its modification. If you need to compute a delta, you will have to filter the audit log and compare the resource status between two events. We will add this automatic “delta” feature in a second iteration.


And here we are, the Audit Logs feature has been released!

We have decided to release it in Public Beta, which means that it is accessible for free by any Qovery users during this Beta period.

The feature accessibility and some of its functionality might change in the future based on your Qovery Plan.

You can access the feature from the “Audit Logs” button on the left nav bar

You can find here the documentation explaining how to access the feature and a detail of the data you will find inside.

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