Accessing historical application logs

Hello, I have a Node.js application deployed on AWS EKS. When I’m looking at application logs in Qovery I only see past few hours of them. Is there any easy way to access historical logs or they are not available?

If they are not available, I assume it is preferable to connect external solution like DataDog/PaperTrail/Logstash or mount a volume to store it on disk, correct?

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Hi @antonipelka , you can take a look at this thread.

However, I recommend using Datadog/NewRelic/Papertrail or any third-party solution to manage your app logs and even monitoring. We have a tutorial on how to install Datadog if you want.

Oh, so I can access those using that Loki tool.

Any chance that Qovery dashboard will allow seeking past logs anytime in the future?

Thanks a lot!

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It’s planned and will be available in the coming weeks :wink: