Cannot find past logs for the same application


I am trying to get all the logs for one specific application, especially ingress requests but I don’t see all the logs for the application since the first deployment, about 2 months ago.

I connected to the EKS Grafana and tried to search in Loki, but there are a lot of different application IDs.


Hi @simofacc , can you confirm that your request would be to know what application IDs to find the appropriate app logs?

Thank you

Hi @rophilogene ,

Yes, I need to know all the app IDs for the same application to check the access logs. So far, application logs are empty, and they are not listing any access logs since it’s a Docker container.

I would believe that access logs are stored for the ingress controller?

Hi @rophilogene ,

I managed to find what I needed. As you can see in the screenshot, I just needed to filter the logs for the nginx ingress controller. One problem I had, though, was that if I set a large number of days, the gateway crashed, possibly due to a lack of memory I presume.


For your app ID, it is always the same. Take the full UUID of it (i.e: f08a2f60-74e8-46e1-8654-d809f318a030) and take the first part and add a z (i.e: zf08a2f60).

Regarding the large number of days. Yes for now we don’t allocate a lot of resources for loki, so if your query fetch too much data at once, the pod is going to be oom killed

Hi @simofacc ,

If you want to go further with logs, new tutorials just went our: Perform advanced search in your application logs

Hope it will help