Querying logs in Loki

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I started a Grafana application and linked it to the Loki available inside the cluster (could be the topic of a tutorial btw as the explanation given by Romaric here are no longer up-to-date)

It works well but it’s kinda hard to filter by apps as only the QoveryID (zXXX) of the app is available in the “app” labels. Would that be possible to also have the application name here? So If I deploy something called “gateway”, I would be able to search logs by the application name “gateway”.

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Hi @arthurecg

We are going to work soon on “labels/tags” directly from the Qovery console soon. Every labels/tags set will be then propagated to deployed resources with Qovery (on Kubernetes and managed services as well).

This is a recurrent request made, so stay tuned, it will come in the coming weeks :slight_smile: