Ability to Attach custom tag or label to application

Hello @Qovery_Team
We use datadog for infrastructure and log monitoring, and while I totally understand that this falls out of the Qovery control plane, I would like to request if you can help us support adding custom tags or labels to our applications via API, console or terraform.

Qovery refers to applications (PODS/Containers) by GUIDs or unique identifiers that may not be human friendly to a support staff monitoring in datadog or any other APM, especially when we have several applications running within each environment.

Looking at datadog, or any other APM, I see qovery already sending custom labels and tags. It would be great if we are able to append another tag or label. (ex: custom-tag = WebApp, or Custom-label=WebApp) etc.

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Hi @sama213 , it’s a valid request for me and more and more of our users are requesting it. Let me come back to you with a solution to this. cc @a_carrano

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