Update default qovery service names in datadog

Hello! I have completed the tutorial provided by Qovery to install the Datadog agent on a Qovery cluster.

The default service names of containers in datadog seem to follow the naming convention of qovery-* which make it difficult to filter logs. How can I update the service names so it will display the application name of the services instead?

Hey @shsalam !

We worked on making it clearer for end users indeed, because our previous naming was not so clear for a human being :slight_smile:

The new naming convention for namespaces / applications / jobs / dbs now includes the service sanitized name.

Given an app called tetris:

Previously => app-z3f27e6ba-648ff5b668 with this schema (app-z<qovery_project_id>-<qovery_application_id>)

Now => app-z648ff5b668-tetris with this schema (app-z<qovery_application_id>-<sanitizied_app_name>).

:warning: This new naming applies only on new environments, created after this feature has been released. If you are not seeing it, odds are your env was created before, so you can create a new one (or clone existing ones).

:warning: Service / env renames won’t be reflected, names will remains the sames.

Checkout [RELEASED] Naming update on Kubernetes resources for more details.


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Hey @bchastanier !

Thanks for sharing, I do notice the pod/container names in the Qovery cluster follow the naming convention you mentioned app-z<qovery_application_id>-<sanitizied_app_name>.

I cloned the environment with a new name but saw that the service names of logs in datadog were still labeled qovery-mirror-<id> for all containers. After some inspection, I found that the service names in datadog are using the qovery image ids. I am wondering if there is a way to control this so that we can include the sanitized app name in the service name?

Hey @shsalam,

Did you try to use tags, CF Datadog documentation here?

I am not a Datadog expert, I will circle it back internally but maybe you can try to ask Datadog as well how to configure this part?


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