Datadog setup for specific containers only

Hello :wave:

I’m trying to setup Datadog and I would need your help, because Kubernetes and Qovery are new to me.
I followed your documentation here Kubernetes observability and monitoring with Datadog | Qovery and everything works fine

But I get tons of logs because of containerCollectAll: true in the values.yaml

I would like to get only logs coming from our service in Qovery, which is our Node.JS API.

According to the Datadog documentation, it seems I can filter the containers I want the logs from using env vars Configure the Datadog Agent on Kubernetes

Where should I put this env var ?

The value for this env var is related to the containers names.
Can I specify a name for the container created for the service Cargo API ?

HI @Antoine_Prudhomme ,

Thank you for your question and for telling me that you found an appropriate solution for this issue. Can you share what you did?