[RELEASED] Naming update on Kubernetes resources

Hi all,

As shared in our product roadmap, we have been working on improving the naming of the resources deployed on your Kubernetes cluster, adding the environment and service name in the naming convention instead of just our own internal ids.

As an example, the namespace name will change from:

  • z<qovery_project_id-z<qovery_environment_id> (Example: zfd999c59-z31bd7e07)
  • env-z<qovery_environment_id>-<sanitizied_env_name> Where <sanitizied_env_name> is a cleaned version of the environment name that you chose on the Qovery platform (Example: env-z2843c942-front-end)

A similar naming convention is adopted for the other resources deployed on the cluster like Deployments, StatefulSets, Jobs, Cronjobs etc…

This feature has been released today and applies only to any new environment or service created on your Qovery organization.

:warning: Important things you need to know

We didn’t change the naming of the existing environments/services

The new naming convention applies only to any new environment or service created on your Qovery organization.

We couldn’t roll out this change massively since changing names for Kubernetes resources is disruptive and would cause service downtime. Especially for namespaces, there’s no way to automatically rename them.

You can’t edit the name used in Kubernetes for that resource

Once a service/environment is created, we automatically assign it a “kubernetes name”. This Kubernetes name is the one used to create the resources on your cluster and cannot be changed afterwards.

For the same reason as above, we will not let you update this name. We might open the possibility to edit the name for services but it will be at your own risk of causing a downtime on your applicaiton.


cc @Francois @Mike :slight_smile:


Awesome! Is there a simple way to recreate an existing app with its environment variables and settings from an environment to another?

You can simply clone your environment -


YES! I was just about to ask for this, as it’s really difficult to search through logs and understand monitoring tools right now :sewing_needle:
So to get this I just need to clone the envs?

Hello @liorsbg ,
Yes you just need to clone your env, and this new one will have the new naming convention.