Integrating Qovery at NFL - Slack notification and Namespace naming convention

We started setting up Qovery to manage our API infrastructure running on EKS. We can see a lot of benefits using it with terraform. The main drawback for us before moving production are:

  • slack integration
  • namespace naming convention, as it is not easy to link our application to the random name.

Do you have a way to get better namespace and resource names?

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Hi @stephane ,

I am going to respond to Slack integration and Namespace naming convention separately.


We plan to provide a great integration to Slack to get notified of what’s going on Qovery in real-time. Until Qovery supports Slack officially, I can provide a workaround to get what you need in Slack. Can you just tell me here what you expect here from a Slack integration?

Namespace naming convention

Let’s say you have the following console URL to get access to your application via the Qovery web console.

To get the namespace you need to combine this way z{4 first bytes from project_id}-z{4 first bytes from environment_id}

So in my example:

  1. The project ID is fb98a96d-b240-49a1-903d-53866b774fff and the first 4 bytes are fb98a96d.
  2. The environment ID is 7a4c18a9-8e47-4742-af61-f300e644c000 and the first 4 bytes are 7a4c18a9.

The final namespace name is zfb98a96d-z7a4c18a9.

Let me know if you have any questions.