Suggestion on Preview-App URLs

Hi there, our team is using Qovery now for quite a few weeks - a specific feedback they gave for improvements was a better naming of URLs on preview apps:

On Heroku preview apps were following a certain pattern, referencing the pull request:

On Qovery those seem to be random, is there a chance to improve this?

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Hi @FlorianSuchan ,

It’s a valid request for me. It’d make the preview URL predictable. Let me see with the team what we can do here and when. :pray:


Hello! Also looking for this, any updates?

Hi @liorsbg , we’ve released predictable preview URLs

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Great, thanks! Once we can set custom cluster_domain It will really be magic :slight_smile:

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Hey @liorsbg ,

actually, you can but it’s available only in beta and for Cloudflare users. You can find a small guide here Clusters | Docs | Qovery

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Hi @a_carrano, we would like to move our preview environments under our domain with Cloudflare. If we go ahead with the process you described would it break all existing CNAME links in the cluster?

Hello @prki,

Yes if you opt-in for this change, all the url/cname/links of your cluster will change. So all the CNAME will need to be updated.

Is it possible to do it without downtime?

Sadly no, this kind of heavy change is going to create downtime.

The more controlled way to do it, is to create a new cluster (with this settings), duplicate your projects/environments to it. Once everything is ready, update the cname/custom domain and re-deploy.

But even in this case, there will be some downtime/inconsistency during some period of time.