Backend URL's in cloned PR environments


Creating the preview environments work well how ever I’m not sure how to deal with the changed URL’s that come as a consequence of this since they are unique GUIDs.

What is the recommended approach to use for url’s in preview environments and still have an intact system, as a basic example two containers (web frontend + backend/api) + database?


I thought I had figured it out when I discovered Environment Variables but they are not accessible to any other container. Can I access the other services variables from each container somehow or is there another way?

I guess querying the API is the answer.

You have the concept of scopes with environment variables. You can set different scope to make them accessible across your project, environment and applications. Plus, you also avec the concept of alias and override that you can use to seamlessly use environnement variables and secrets across your applications in different environnements. The documentation is here.

Let me know if it’s clear enough. Otherwise I can explain with a concrete example.