Multi repo Preview Environment


I’m new to preview environments.
I have several repositories with this structure :

  • banana-front
  • banana-back

Is there a way to trigger the same preview environment containing two Pull Requests on distincts repositories ?
I tried to make a PR with the same name on each repo but there is the date on the environment name, so I created two Preview Environment instead


Hi @Tactless7,

Indeed it’s possible. Not out of the box. But with a bit of work on your side, it’s something that it is possible to put in place. Basically, you’ll need to do a custom integration with your CI and the Qovery API to spin up a new environment and update your Qovery repositories to target the appropriate branches. Then you can implement your custom logic. I can provide guidance on how to use our API for this use case. But can you tell me what CI or what VCS (GitHub? GitLab?) you use?


Thanks for your answer
We are using Github Actions. Do you have some documentation on this ? We may work on it later as we have few time to dedicate for now
For now, we are using feature branches as “Preview Environnements”

Hi @Tactless7 , I can write a guide explaining how you can do it since we have customers that made this kind of integration. I can’t promise to make it for this week but I can do it for next week if that works for you.

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