[RELEASED] Manual Trigger for Preview Environment

This feature has been released, have a look at my message below for more details!


to improve the user experience while using the preview environments, we are adding some cool functionalities that will let you spawn a preview environment on demand, directly from your Pull Request/Merge Request :magic_wand: (here the Roadmap item)

Today, if the preview environment feature is activated, a preview environment is created for every pull request. While it keeps simple to create a preview environment, it has the drawback to create a preview environment even when you don’t really need one (example: you have updated a README file :smiley: )

This is why we will add soon a new option in the preview environment configuration to decide whether or not a preview environment should be triggered manually or at every PR

with this flag ON, the flow will be the following:

  • When a PR is created, we will receive the information from your Git provider
  • Qovery will drop a comment on your PR (similar to what we already do), asking you if you want to create a preview environment. A button will be present to trigger the preview environment flow
  • If you click on the button, the “classic” preview environment flow will be triggered (show the ongoing deployment + the URLs to access the deployed services)

Roadmap item: https://roadmap.qovery.com/roadmap/trigger-to-create-a-preview-environment

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or feedback to raise!



This is a killer feature and one that will allow us to actually start using preview environments, thanks a lot!!


It has been released!

You have now a new flag available within the preview environment settings called “Create on Demand”

When the preview environment feature and this flag are activated, the preview environment won’t be created automatically. Instead the flow will go this way:

  1. a message is dropped on your PR asking you if you want to create a preview environment or not. You will get the list of environments where the preview env feature is activated (in case you have multiple environments) and the command to add as a comment of your PR to trigger the preview.
  2. you will have to add the command in a comment to trigger the preview
  3. the preview creation is triggered and your preview environment is deployed

note: we had to change a little bit the flow vs what I shared in the first message due to some limitations on the different git providers we support where the “click” or edit on comments were not sent via the webhook systems


We just released a new blog article to announce this fantastic new feature :slight_smile:

And here is a quick demo video as well.

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