Started with Preview Environments - Bitbucket

I’m performing the test of creating a new environment through Bitbucket’s PR, but when creating the Pull Request nothing happens in the Qovery environment. In Bitbucket it even displays the message to put a comment for it to create the environment but nothing happens.

Hello @Claudinei_de_Jesus_R

Can you let me know the url of your environment you are trying to trigger a preview env ? And also let me know the name of the application attached to the git repository where you are trying to trigger a comment.

Hi Ereb,

As I was using a test account, it has already expired.
We are in the process of acquiring the paid account.
Would you know what could be happening to not be creating the environment? I performed the configuration according to the step by step.

If I manage to release the free console again, I will quickly create the environment to forward the address to you.

Ok let us know when you have the account ready.

The issue can be caused by git webhook that are not correctly configured.
Either some webhook events are not enabled on the git repository, we requires those ones:


Also, Bitbucket security regarding webhooks are kind of all school, they don’t implement any, they just ask to whitelist/allow some IPs source. So if your webhooks come from another IP, we discard them.

Can be also a bug on our side.

In any case, let us know when you have your environment at hand, we will check what is going on.

@Melvin_Zottola I’m giving it another shot to use the builtin feature, but I’m having this issue too in Bitbucket. I’ve checked the webhook events and all the required ones seem to be enabled. After leaving the comment in Bitbucket, nothing happens


Any news on this?