Container Registry Deploy Multiple Environments

Let me start with that I think the current Github deploy functionality is almost perfect. It automates my whole process and works great. I’m just trying to avoid building the same docker image across multiple Qovery environments because I already have it in my own container repository.

I was reading the article here on how to use Github Actions to deploy from a container registry. My issue is in trying to deploy to several environments all at once. I imagine that I could do something like this:

qovery application deploy \
  --organization <your_org_name> \
  --project <your_project_name> \
  --environment "<env1>, <env2>, <env3>" \
  --applications <app_name> \
  --commit-id <your_commit_id> \

However, every time I would add a new environment, I would need to remember to go update my Github Action. And if I wanted to trigger on different branches I would need multiple actions and separate lists of my environments. Is there a better way to trigger deployments for each individual Qovery environment based on when a particular Github branch is updated?

Hi @colin ,

I acknowledge your thread, and we’ll discuss how we can improve this with our product team this week. @Julien_Dan or @a_carrano will keep you posted.

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Hi @colin,

I have added your idea to our roadmap, I don’t have an ETA yet but we’ll try to prioritize it in the next sprints

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