Using the clone of non-Qovery managed AWS RDS (Prod enviroment) in Preview Environments?

Here’s our use case.

We will have a production environment with following

  • Qovery managed EKS
  • AWS Managed RDS
  • VPC Peering to enable connectivity between Qovery Managed VPC and RDS’ VPC

We want to use Preview Environments feature of Qovery. As we know Preview environments simply clone the base environment, which in our case only includes applications and not DB (as RDS is managed in a different VPC, via VPC peering). But we want our Preview environment to also have the clone of DB so that it can be tested on our recent data.

Any suggestions?

→ Correct me if I am wrong

  1. Your production environment uses an RDS instance via VPC Peering. The RDS instance is not managed by Qovery.
  2. You want to use the Preview Environments with a clone of the production RDS instance data.
  3. You want to use a container database in your Preview Environment with the production RDS instance data.

Am I right?

yes exactly, we would want the Preview Environment to have the DB (container or even AWS RDS) which is a clone (same data) of existing Prod DB. Our use case for Preview Environment is to test the Apps with latest data.

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