Tag EC2 instances

Is it possible to tag EC2 instances created by our Qovery autoscaling group? We have several tags that we add to EC2 instances for security monitoring, data classification, and to indicate ownership. We’d also like to add a “Name” tag so the Qovery instances don’t show up with blank names in the console.

Is this currently possible?


If not configurable through Qovery, is it safe for us to manually modify the autoscaling group to apply our own tags?

Hello @Kyle_Flavin

For the time being, no, you cannot add custom labels to nodes.
I think it is on our roadmap. cc: @a_carrano

All manual changes will be overridden when the cluster is redeployed by you or for maintenance operations.


Thanks Pierre. This would be a good feature for us to have, as our Qovery clusters are currently getting flagged by our security checks because we can’t tag them properly.

Would be interested to see where it is on the roadmap, and to have it added as a feature request if it’s not there already.

Here is the link to this feature in the backlog: https://roadmap.qovery.com/roadmap/customize-labelstags-on-resources


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