New Logs view - Feedback are welcome!

Hello everyone,

As we are moving forward with the implementation of the parallelization for the build and deployment operations (i.e. we will parallelize and thus speed up your deployments) we had to work as well on a new Log interface capable to give you a clean and nice view of what is happening during the deployment of your environments.

We have prepared a new design and we are working on the first version of the implementation that will be soon delivered. Here you can find a preview of what it will look like in the future

The design is based on the following points:

  • A left bar allows you to get the information about:
    – top: the deployment pipeline and its status
    – middle: the list of services within the environment, the stage they belong to and their deployment status
    – bottom: some information about the service you have selected from the list (repo, commit etc…)

  • A log view split into two sections:
    – Deployment logs: it will show you the deployment logs of the service you have selected on the left. In this way, you can better investigate any deployment issue on the selected service.
    – Live Logs: it will show you the live logs of the service you have selected (if it’s already deployed).
    Compared to the current Log interface, you won’t have any more dozens of tabs but just two and you will be able to switch between the logs of the applications by just clicking on the service from the left pane.

We are also working on improving the error messages in case of deployment failure but it will be treated in a separate development.

You can test the new version on this Qovery preview environment :rocket: :
IMPORTANT: The feature is under development, so you might encounter some bugs or service disruption.

It’s available in production :tada:

Feel free to comment on this thread about what you think is missing from the design that will definitively change your life



Note: the feature has been merged in staging :slight_smile:

and it’s now live in production!

The documentation is available here.

Happy to have your feedback on it directly in this post or DM me :wink:

PS: we have deleted the preview env so don’t use that URL anymore!


It’s nice, well done. :slight_smile:


It’s beautiful. I love it! Great job :fire:

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Here is the blog announcement :slight_smile:

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