RDS (CA) Certificates are expiring

All of my Qovery managed databases have this warning in AWS. Is this something Qovery will handle?

RDS (CA) Certificates are expiring on August 22, 2024

Modify your database to update your CA Certificates. For more information see: RDS Certificate Authority (CA) 2019

Hello @colin,

Renewing certificates is done by cert-manager, I think it’s done 90 days before expiration, to be double checked.

Do you mind sharing your Qovery DB console link please?


@bchastanier this is something you have to do on AWS RDS side. We just did the migration for all our databases manually in AWS RDS dashboard. I don’t think Qovery should preemptively do it because you should test that your applications have up to date root certs to trust the new Amazon certificates after the update. However, maybe Qovery should facilitate it by showing the warning and adding an easy way to apply the update.