SSL certificate expired on site hosted on AWS QOVERY container

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Certificate SSL expired on website hoste on qovery aws container


Hello, I would like to have some informations about ssl certificate on AWS. Mine has expired yesterday, but I don’t know how to manage with the new one that I generate on AWS certificate managment and update the old one with EC2 created by Qovery ? There is lot of EC2 with unintelligible name so it’s difficulte to know which hosting the website. Do you have some idea to fixe that ?

Thank’s a lot


Hi @Hugo_Casanova , can you stop and start again your application? Let me know if it solves your issue. Cc @Pierre_Mavro

Hi Hugo,

You shouldn’t have to manage this by your own, everything is automated. Please share the link of your application from the Qovery console, so I can take a look.


Hello, sorry for delay answer.

I tryed to stop & restart app but not solved the problem.

This is my app informations

ID: 6d8ada68-8103-4d78-9e65-088ebcbec2a7


Hello @Hugo_Casanova,

The issue is now resolved: you can access your application using your custom domain

What happened: internally only one certificate is generated for all your custom domains. This certificate cannot be generated if any of those custom domains is misconfigured (e.g no such host).

There were 2 domains in your application settings:

By removing the misconfigured domain & redeploying the application, the certificate is well regenerated.