Integrating web application on Qovery with CloudFlare

Need guidance on how we would go about integrating cloudflare with Qovery hosted ruby web application.

Qovery generates the SSL certificate for our custom domain and subdomains, how will we be able to setup CloudFlare to integrate with the Qovery setup?


Hi @sama213 , it’s transparent for you. You can use Cloudflare with Qovery out of the box. You can check this tutorial Setting up Cloudflare and Custom Domain on Qovery | Qovery

Hi @rophilogene ,

I am currently using Cloudflare for custom domains and I set the domains behind the CDN proxy but when the container is deploying it still shows this error message.

Resolution of CNAME for domain failed. Please check that you have correctly configured your CNAME. If you are using a CDN you can forget this message.

Can you explain if the SSL certificate renewal will work this way? In the past I had issues with let’s encrypt renewals and Heroku for example when the domain is behind the CDN proxy.

I don’t think you’ll have any issue, but I prefer asking someone from our team. @Pierre_Mavro @Erebe do you have any idea?

BTW, you can speed up deployment by removing the DNS check from Qovery with the advanced settings. You can take a look at this option. It’s configurable via our advanced settings API → Qovery API

Thanks @rophilogene I’ll take a look at the configuration. Looking forward to being able to set these advanced settings from the console. I’d prefer to have everything in one place.

It’s planned :ok_hand: for September with the v3